President’s Forum Video Podcast: Dr. Ligon Duncan – “Challenges and Opportunities for Christian Ministry and Calling”

American culture is rapidly changing and is very different from the days when RTS was founded. But our calling and message have not changed. Hear Don Sweeting interview our new Chancellor, Ligon Duncan, on the opportunities and challenges of doing ministry in a new cultural setting. Ligon Duncan is the Chancellor/CEO of Reformed Theological Seminary […]

President’s Forum Video Podcast: Dr. Chuck Hill – “How God Became Jesus”

Dr. Chuck Hill discusses his book “How God Became Jesus” in his interview with President Don Sweeting. Dr. Hill joined RTS-Orlando in 1994 and serves as John R. Richardson Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity. He teaches core courses on Hebrews-Revelation and New Testament Greek. Dr. Hill has significant research interest in the Johannine Corpus, […]

President’s Forum Video Podcast: Dr. Kelly Kapic – “Doing Theology as Human Creatures”

Dr. Kapic shares his views on starting seminary studies with current RTS Orlando students. He discusses how to wed academic study with devotion to Christ in his interview with President Don Sweeting. Kelly Kapic is the Professor of Theological Studies at Covenant College and an RTS Orlando alumnus, 1998. He is the author of “A Little Book for New […]

President’s Forum Video Podcast: Dr. Jim Belcher – “In Search of Deep Faith”

Dr. Belcher discusses his recent sabbatical journey where he and his family traced the footsteps of Bonhoeffer, ten Boom, C.S. Lewis, and Wilberforce, among others, and dug deeply into some great stories of recent church history. View President Don Sweeting as he interviews Jim Belcher on the deeper meanings of faith and church. Jim Belcher […]

President’s Forum Video Podcast: Dr. Tim Tennent – “Trends in Global Christianity”

The face of world Christianity is rapidly changing. If you aspire to be a global Christian, you need to know about it. We were privileged to have missiologist Tim Tennent at RTS to discuss trends in the global church and some of the newer expressions of Christianity arising in very different cultural contexts. What does […]

President’s Forum Video Podcast: Dr.John Frame – Systematic Theology: A Lifetime Achievement

Few people have had more influence on contemporary American Reformed theology than John Frame. His student roster is a who’s who of Reformed thinkers: Vern Poythress, Wayne Grudem, Kevin Vanhoozer, and Esther Meek, as well as Richard Pratt, Frank James, Reggie Kidd, Steve Childers, and Mark Futato. The publishing of his Systematic Theology is indeed […]

President’s Forum Video Podcast: Randy Pope – “Insourcing: Bringing Discipleship Back to the Local Church”

Come listen to the story of how God used discipleship to make Perimeter Church in Atlanta what it is today. Twenty-five years ago the leaders of Randy Pope’s rapidly-growing church realized they had all benefitted from a personal discipleship relationship, and decided to make personal discipleship their do-or-die aim: applying one person’s real life to […]