Those Hyperaddictive, Time-Sucking Digital Games

Digital Games

Today’s New York Times Magazine (April 8, 2012) cover  story is entitled—“The Hyperaddictive, Time-Sucking, Relationship-Busting, Mind-Crushing Power and Allure of Silly Digital Games.”  Quite a title! The article, by Sam Anderson, is about  how time-wasting video games jumped into our pockets and took over our lives. Today, says Anderson, we are living in “a world […]

The Sweet Privilege: Celebrating Anniversaries at Two Former Churches

One of the sweetest privileges of ministry is for a pastor to finish well at a church, so that there is mutual blessing—the church blesses the pastor and the pastor blesses the church.  Both are overwhelmed at God’s grace and the privilege of serving in His kingdom together, even though that season is now over. […]

There is Nothing More Splendid Than a University: College Hopping in September

Wheaton College

“There are few things more beautiful than a university,” John Masefield once wrote in a memorable tribute to the English universities.   His words still ring true today.  He was not just thinking of dreamy spires or beautiful campus greens.   The university’s true beauty is found in its mission, in that it was, as he said, […]

Vernon Grounds, R.I.P.

Vernon Grounds R.I.P.

This past Sunday, September 12, 2010, our good friend Dr. Vernon Grounds went to be with the Lord at age 96.   Dr. Grounds was a pastor, scholar, preacher, counselor, mentor and evangelical statesman who racked up over seventy years of ministry.  He is survived by his dear wife Ann. Not only was Grounds one of […]

PASTOR TO PRESIDENT PART 2 – EPC Stated Clerk Interviews me on seminary, training leaders and blogging

EPC News

This is taken from the recent edition of the EPC News Pastor to President – Part 2 An interview with Don Sweeting by Jeff Jeremiah After twelve years of ministry as the Senior Pastor of Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church, Dr. Don Sweeting has taken a call to become the President of Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida. […]