Truth Prevails: Remembering Jan Hus (1372-1415)

July 6th 2015 is the 600th anniversary of the burning of Czech reformer Jan Hus.  Why remember Hus? Because he was a courageous pastor who called the church back to the Bible and whose writings and preaching anticipated the Protestant Reformation. Recall that the late Middle Ages was a time of deep spiritual confusion for […]

Hudson Taylor and the Founding of China Inland Mission, 150th Anniversary


This summer marks the 150th anniversary of the founding of the China Inland Mission by James Hudson Taylor (1832-1905). Taylor was a British Protestant Christian missionary to China and founder of this mission. He spent 51 years in China. On June 25, 1865, Taylor knelt on a beach in Brighton, England and cried out to […]

The Magna Carta and the Bible

Magna Carta and the Bible

Why is the obvious so unobvious?  This year we should all be celebrating the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta.  But sadly, the Christian influences on the formation of this great document are routinely ignored. Magna Carta is Latin for Great Charter.  This extremely important document has been called: “the greatest constitutional document of all […]

“Bring it Out” My Graduation Charge at Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando 2015

2015 RTS Grad

Recently we had our 24th commencement from RTS Orlando.  It was a wonderful evening to celebrate God’s goodness in the life of our 2015 graduating class. Gathering at St. Andrews Church in Sanford, Florida, we were called to worship by the bagpipes and organ (Highland Cathedral). We were blessed by the music of the choir […]

Churchill, by Paul Johnson, A Book Review by Don Sweeting


  Churchill, by Paul Johnson, A Book Review by Don Sweeting for Books, Culture, Media, Life in the 21st Century (3rd edition), a journal of Colorado Christian University. Of the making of Churchill biographies, there is no end! But the best concise one-volume biography, in my opinion, is Paul Johnson’s Churchill (Penguin, 2009). Why is […]