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The Tolerance of Intolerance

The Intolerance of Tolerance?!?

Now you’d think that tolerance would be. . . . well. . . . tolerant.  But one author has written about The Intolerance of Tolerance.  That’s the title of a recent book by D.A. Carson.[1]  I had the opportunity to interview him on this topic for a recent President’s Forum at RTS Orlando. "The intolerance of tolerance?!"   According to Carson, there are forces at work in Western culture which are changing the way we think about tolerance. These days, he notes, tolerance occupies a very high … Read More...

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Churchill, by Paul Johnson, A Book Review by Don Sweeting

  Churchill, by Paul Johnson, A Book Review by Don Sweeting for Books, Culture, Media, Life in the 21st Century (3rd edition), a journal of Colorado Christian University. Of the making of Churchill biographies, there is no end! But the best concise one-volume biography, in my opinion, is Paul Johnson’s Churchill (Penguin, 2009). Why is … Read More...


The Year Ahead: 2015, Scoping Out The Calendar

What does the year 2015 hold? Part of pastoring involves anticipating what people will be thinking about as we lead our flocks and minister the Word of God to them. Of course, predicting the future is a hazardous business. There are many events in 2015 that we simply have no way of anticipating. Who can predict weather events, earthquakes, … Read More...


The Door of Humility

It’s a small door, only about four feet tall and two feet wide.  You have to bow down to go through it. The threshold is surrounded by three large stones.  For security reasons, there is usually an armed soldier standing next to it.   They call it “The Door of Humility.”  It is the door into the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem—one of the oldest … Read More...

Arrival of the Pilgrim Fathers

Singing with the Pilgrims: The “Old Hundredth”

Singing with the Pilgrims: The “Old Hundredth” Do you ever wonder what songs the American Pilgrims sang? I know one of them. It is probably the only one still printed in some of our hymnbooks. It’s called the “Old Hundredth” and it may have been sung at the first Thanksgiving! Let’s back up. One of the great psalms of thanksgiving in the Bible … Read More...

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