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Hudson Taylor and the Founding of China Inland Mission, 150th Anniversary

This summer marks the 150th anniversary of the founding of the China Inland Mission by James Hudson Taylor (1832-1905). Taylor was a British Protestant Christian missionary to China and founder of this mission. He spent 51 years in China. On June 25, 1865, Taylor knelt on a beach in Brighton, England and cried out to God asking him to supply skilled, willing workers to bring the gospel to the inland provinces of China. Think of it.  At the time there were less than 300,000 Christians in all of … Read More...

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Magna Carta and the Bible

The Magna Carta and the Bible

Why is the obvious so unobvious?  This year we should all be celebrating the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta.  But sadly, the Christian influences on the formation of this great document are routinely ignored. Magna Carta is Latin for Great Charter.  This extremely important document has been called: “the greatest constitutional document of … Read More...

Holy Week 2015

Growing Spiritually During Holy Week: Do You Have a Plan?

It’s just about Holy Week, and I wonder if you have a plan? Holy week, you say, where’s that in the Bible?  Glad you asked. That exact phrase is not in the Bible.  But then, neither is the word Trinity. But just as a description of the triune God is all over the New Testament, I’d like you to consider the prominence of this very significant week … Read More...

The Tolerance of Intolerance

The Intolerance of Tolerance?!?

Now you’d think that tolerance would be. . . . well. . . . tolerant.  But one author has written about The Intolerance of Tolerance.  That’s the title of a recent book by D.A. Carson.[1]  I had the opportunity to interview him on this topic for a recent President’s Forum at RTS Orlando. "The intolerance of tolerance?!"   According to Carson, … Read More...

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